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Scriptwriters with scripts:


1. Email name and contact information, using “submission” in the subject line and including the script     submission as an attachment in Word, PDF or Text format, to:   
2. To be considered for a particular date, scripts must be received at least a week prior (i.e. the     Monday before the monthly meeting date).
3. Please do not send unformatted or handwritten scripts. SeeLinksfor proper formatting     examples.
4. Please indicate preferred number of readers for the piece.
5. Please indicate if any audio/visual equipment is desired, and what kind.
6. Please bring enough script copies with you for all planned readers on the scheduled day.
7. Registrants will be contacted with further details by return email during the week before the     monthly event date. Readings will be scheduled to best accommodate the number and length of     scripts received.
8. Please remember to arrive at 6 pm, a half hour before event start, to select your reader lineup and     to offer instructions, if any.

Minimum submission length: 1 scene/5 pages of formatted script
Maximum submission length: 1 full-length, formatted script


Register to cold-read on the day at 6pm. Scriptwriters will select readers for scripts at the event.


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